Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Been awhile.

Sorry folks no beads and not much going on craft wise or even life wise. Just been too busy at work and trying to get my life back on a favorable track. Well favorable for me that is.

I am hoping to maybe get some things back in motion during my vacation coming up in September. I might get back to the torch or the camera or both, will have to wait and see. Motivation and inspiration are everything in the creative mind. Without both, you end up having works that are half hearted and it will show to us. You might not see the lack of greatness, but an Artist just knows. We are our own worst critic for a reason.

So keep on doing what you love doing and don't worry bout me. I will get back on the horse, just not sure when.

Diana, the creative mind can be fickle, stubborn and emotional all in one. What a twist.