Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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Richview Plaza Rexall Delivery Trucks Parking Issue. Safety, Fire Route.
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Hello, my name is Diana and I have lived on Wincott for 48 years. My family has been here for over 50 years. In the last few months the parking of delivery trucks out front of the Rexall Pharmacy has become a great Safety Concern for the many Seniors was well as those with young children.

I have seen as many as four large delivery trucks parked out there blocking the wheel chair ramps, making it impossible for the Community Bus to pick up and off load their passengers. Making it impossible for cars to get through as they are blocking a full lane and not only that, the lane in which they are parking is a FIRE ROUTE and delivery trucks are NOT exempt from the law with regards to this.

The driver of the Delivery Truck is not in the truck, therefore if there was an emergency the fire trucks and ambulance will have a real hard time getting there quickly and we all know SECONDS count when it comes to life or death.

This new practice of allowing these deliveries out front is also a safety concern as when people are trying to get to their cars they must go between the trucks stepping off the curb and can easily be hit by a passing car as people get frustrated and tend to blast by. This almost happened last week when a young woman stepped out from between the trucks with a young child in hand. Children do not think like adults and tend to walk quicker and ahead of us.

When I spoke with the Assistant Manager at the Rexall store she basically told me too bad, they don't have a delivery dock. She continued to argue with me when I told her it has only been the past few years that this has been allowed. She told me they had been doing it since she had been there for the past three years. Yes well, I have been here for 48 YEARS as this is NOT the norm.

They DO have a delivery dock and all deliveries are to be made at the back of the plaza. I have pictures of the signage, the dock and the truck parked out front. Also straight trucks are barreling down Wincott on a daily basis and they are NOT allowed. They are to use the Eglinton access to enter and exit the plaza. The signs are clear on this issue. I also spoke with a long time business owner at this Plaza adn they too have noticed the increase in these trucks. They have been there for over 50 years as well.

There are small children in this area as well and this new practice is NOT safe and someone needs to have the by-laws explained to them.

I have called the Rexall Head Office and filed a complaint. I have not heard back, but this is not enough. I want someone to make sure this does not continue to happen. My Mother has missed the Bus twice in the past three weeks. She needs to sit inside the door of the Rexall because of the heat, and when the trucks are parked there she can't see him coming, and he can't stop to pick her up. He can't get to the curb. This Community Bus is much appreciated and the Driver NEVER leaves the bus, to ensure the route will be accessible should an emergency happen.

I will also be contacting by-law enforcement filing the same complaint hoping that someone will speak with the Manager and Assistant Manager of Rexall.

I would appreciate it if you can also contact someone, perhaps the management company for Richview Plaza and explain just how not only is this against the by-laws but how unsafe this situation is. What is it going to take to stop this? Must it take a person/child getting hurt or killed?


Diana Bolen
166 Wincott Drive
Etobicoke, Ontario
M9R 2P8