Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sharing. Fed Up.

Richview Plaza Rexall Delivery Trucks Parking Issue. Safety, Fire Route.
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Hello, my name is Diana and I have lived on Wincott for 48 years. My family has been here for over 50 years. In the last few months the parking of delivery trucks out front of the Rexall Pharmacy has become a great Safety Concern for the many Seniors was well as those with young children.

I have seen as many as four large delivery trucks parked out there blocking the wheel chair ramps, making it impossible for the Community Bus to pick up and off load their passengers. Making it impossible for cars to get through as they are blocking a full lane and not only that, the lane in which they are parking is a FIRE ROUTE and delivery trucks are NOT exempt from the law with regards to this.

The driver of the Delivery Truck is not in the truck, therefore if there was an emergency the fire trucks and ambulance will have a real hard time getting there quickly and we all know SECONDS count when it comes to life or death.

This new practice of allowing these deliveries out front is also a safety concern as when people are trying to get to their cars they must go between the trucks stepping off the curb and can easily be hit by a passing car as people get frustrated and tend to blast by. This almost happened last week when a young woman stepped out from between the trucks with a young child in hand. Children do not think like adults and tend to walk quicker and ahead of us.

When I spoke with the Assistant Manager at the Rexall store she basically told me too bad, they don't have a delivery dock. She continued to argue with me when I told her it has only been the past few years that this has been allowed. She told me they had been doing it since she had been there for the past three years. Yes well, I have been here for 48 YEARS as this is NOT the norm.

They DO have a delivery dock and all deliveries are to be made at the back of the plaza. I have pictures of the signage, the dock and the truck parked out front. Also straight trucks are barreling down Wincott on a daily basis and they are NOT allowed. They are to use the Eglinton access to enter and exit the plaza. The signs are clear on this issue. I also spoke with a long time business owner at this Plaza adn they too have noticed the increase in these trucks. They have been there for over 50 years as well.

There are small children in this area as well and this new practice is NOT safe and someone needs to have the by-laws explained to them.

I have called the Rexall Head Office and filed a complaint. I have not heard back, but this is not enough. I want someone to make sure this does not continue to happen. My Mother has missed the Bus twice in the past three weeks. She needs to sit inside the door of the Rexall because of the heat, and when the trucks are parked there she can't see him coming, and he can't stop to pick her up. He can't get to the curb. This Community Bus is much appreciated and the Driver NEVER leaves the bus, to ensure the route will be accessible should an emergency happen.

I will also be contacting by-law enforcement filing the same complaint hoping that someone will speak with the Manager and Assistant Manager of Rexall.

I would appreciate it if you can also contact someone, perhaps the management company for Richview Plaza and explain just how not only is this against the by-laws but how unsafe this situation is. What is it going to take to stop this? Must it take a person/child getting hurt or killed?


Diana Bolen
166 Wincott Drive
Etobicoke, Ontario
M9R 2P8


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Been awhile.

Sorry folks no beads and not much going on craft wise or even life wise. Just been too busy at work and trying to get my life back on a favorable track. Well favorable for me that is.

I am hoping to maybe get some things back in motion during my vacation coming up in September. I might get back to the torch or the camera or both, will have to wait and see. Motivation and inspiration are everything in the creative mind. Without both, you end up having works that are half hearted and it will show to us. You might not see the lack of greatness, but an Artist just knows. We are our own worst critic for a reason.

So keep on doing what you love doing and don't worry bout me. I will get back on the horse, just not sure when.

Diana, the creative mind can be fickle, stubborn and emotional all in one. What a twist.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pride in a Job Well Done.

For many of us who work hard and are maybe a bit of a perfectionist, taking pride in a job well done is an important part of enjoying the chosen job/career. I have always prided myself on being on time, nose to the grind stone, getting things done within applied deadlines and doing whatever is necessary to make things happen. I have been a valued employee for many companies and when I resigned I have been offered many attractive incentives to change my mind.

Now that I am working for the TTC this has become a big thorn in my side. No matter how hard I try, I do not at the end of my shift feel proud or happy. I do not feel like I have accomplished the task handed to me properly or efficiently and sometimes even questioning the safety of my actions. I feel defeated, exhausted both mentally and physically. My ego is deflated and it leaves me questioning if there is something I am doing wrong.

This is huge for me. My pride is on the line. My pride that I am a hard worker, valued employee is being hacked away at everyday.

Why? Let me explain. The schedules that the TTC has for each line are approximately 15-20 years old. Many have not been changed to accommodate the implementation of Sunday shopping, increasing the demand on each line. Sunday never had a rush hour, until now. Many people work that day and still many others shop that day. The stores all close pretty much at the same time, so rush hour begins at around 6pm. The schedules remain the same. Meaning, back when there was no such thing as Sunday shopping, many people stayed home with family. Therefore there was no need to give the same amount of time to a run, to complete the route. Now of course, unless you speed or drive like a road raging maniac, you cannot complete the task handed to you and you feel defeated by the end of it. Of course you are getting it from the passengers when you show up late, you are getting it from CIS or from a fellow driver who has decided not to work and plays games. So where does that leave your pride in a job well done? The more time you lose, the more people that are angry at you, the more your pride is stomped on, the more sullen and frustrated you become. Then people wonder why many drivers seem to be so unhappy. We are unhappy because our company has handed us unrealistic expectations that we cannot possibly meet unless we do things like break the law and speed, risking our licenses and risking having someone get hurt.

This does not only apply to Sundays. The schedules they have for all routes have not changed in many many years. They have not taken into consideration the increase in ridership, the increase in traffic, the increase in problems like bus failure or passenger illness and other issues. They have not taken into consideration that many stores remain open longer now, making the rush hour extended until after 9m for passengers, not necessarily vehicular traffic. All these things effect ones ability to meet the schedules demands. We just cannot do it on many routes and this leaves us feeling, frustrated, defeated, exhausted, jumpy, short tempered, unhappy with ourselves. No it’s not your problem as a passenger, of course not. What is does is explain why we seem to be so unhappy at times. Those of us that do take pride in a job well done are starting to throw our hands up in the air in defeat. Yes, we have explained this. Yes we have made it known that the schedules are too tight and need to be re-examined. All have fallen on deaf ears. A very senior operator has informed me that this has been going on for many years. The TTC has continued to refuse to examine the issue and make the necessary changes.

So I have decided to go into work and drive within the law. I will always be late. There is no other way. I will not speed, that is breaking the law. I will not drive like a maniac. That will only end up with someone being hurt. I am done. I know I am a hard worker. I know I do my job to the best of my ability. I only wish that my Employer would make it so the expectations could be accomplished and they would stop trying to make me feel like I am dirt under their fingernails.

Diana (loves to drive, but lately not a bus)

Example: They only give me 30 minutes to do Lawrence from 7:30 pm until 1 am. Now this is going from Martingrove all the way to Yonge Street. Can you do it? Yes after 10pm most can, but in a big ole bus, stopping at every stop, waiting for loading and unloading at TWO stations. Do you still think you could?

So every trip from 7pm until 11 pm, I am getting shit on by passengers and being questioned by CIS. Yea I am glad to be going to work tomorrow. Can't wait to be yelled at, called names, questioned why I am late, over and over for 4 hours. Yippee!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Shelters...Bad Policy..Not Bad Dogs

Okay something I take great issue with. My neighbor adopted a beautiful Australian Shepherd from a well known shelter. Young dog, only about 2 years old. Shelter told him the family could no longer afford the dog. Well that was a month ago. The dog has settled in. When I first met the dog it seemed okay. Stiffened up a few times but nothing out of the ordinary for a dog in a strange place. Well now the dog has bitten the owner and the owner now wants the dog dead. Don't blame him, the bite is BAD. 12 stitches on his hand.

BUT this is NOT the first time this dog has done this, no way no how. I just went and did a short evaluation and this is a dog that has had aggression issues for some time. I am sure the family that surrendered this dog, did so because they could not afford the proper training required and because of the aggression, they (the shelter) simply chose to leave that part out and lie by ommission. The shelter had this dog for some time as well and there is no way this dog did NOT show this aggression while in their custody.

The Shelters need to be HONEST and forthcoming when it comes to dogs of this nature. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT adopt these dogs out to anyone unless they have the proper experience and education. This Shelter has just added to the problem and even though this shelter is trying to say they are part of the solution, this is NOT the first time I have been called about dogs from this shelter. I have contacted them on many occassions as well and told them their policy needs changing.

Aggression, ANY type of aggressioin needs to be disclosed to the potential adoptee. Whether it is dog on dog, dog on cat, dog on human, or dog on guarding things or dog being frightened at loud noises. Snarling, lifting of the lips, stiffening up, charging or/and snapping. If this continues and I get one more call, I will be calling the proper authorities and will have their license suspended or taken away.

If the Shelter is willing to rehabilatate, thats great too, but it seems they just want to pump out dogs and be done with them. They even refused to take this dog back. Now what does THAT say about them.

I have calmed the owner down, he has agreed to let me help and NOT sue the Shelter just yet. They would loose with my testimony of repeated offenses I can assure them of that. I will be calling them today and after explaining, I think I will be getting that eerie silence on the other end of the line, once again......god I hate that.

So, executing plan, have bought muzzle, now for the hard part.

Diana (biting mad)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just realized that I don't tolerate drunks

I have come to the conclusion that I do not tolerate drunks well. I have zero patience for them, loathe being around them and find them very irritating.

I had one on my Bus tonight and as soon as I realized he was there, I just wanted him OFF. He wandered in thinking I was a Jane Bus but I am not driving that route. I am on a route that shares Jane Station.

Stumbling, stinking whiskey barrels is all they are. I hate it when people call it Alcohol Disease. It is an addiction not a disease. It is a CHOICE unlike a true disease.

I think this whole intolerance of mine came shortly after my Grandmother was hit by a drunken Irish Nanny, in broad daylight, on St. Patricks Day while crossing the street near her home. This bitch nanny ran a red and never saw my Grandmother. My Grandma was never the same after that and went down hill fast, then died way too soon.

Police said this nanny was so drunk, they where amazed she even managed to get the key in the ignition.

Now I don't mind people who have a drink or two, but getting falling down, STUPID drunk is a waste of good breathing air.

My job requires a bit of tolerance for this, so I have to find a way to deal with it better. I think I did okay tonight, but man if I didn't have to touch him, I wanted to physically throw him off the bus while still in motion.....that's not good!

Diana (seeking tolerance)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Well I am back and I gotta say...I LOVE gay guys.

I was going to stay until Tuesday Morning, but I heard on the Radio of a storm so I did the responsible thing and came home today. How boring of me eh?

I pulled up to the Cabin around 5:30 am Sunday Morning into the driveway and the lights of my vehicle where shining on the frozen Lake. Lo and Behold a small pack of Wolves is moving silently across it about 50 yards from the Cabin.

I sucked in my breath and held it. I watched for a few, then scrambled to grab my camera and "shit" I was so hurried to grab the dogs and get out, I left it on the diningroom table.

I wake up the pups, out we go. As I am opening the door I notice a large package sitting on the table of the entrance way. Wrapped up in a big red bow.

Tag Reads.

We Just Simply Love You.

I open it and its a full box of 50 Orchids and the perfume just fills the air.


Why can't straight guys be this thoughtful? Is it that hard for guys to get in touch with their sensitive side?

Anyway, I sent him back a Bottle of Wine and a Big Thank You Card, including a lipstick kiss and I don't even wear lipstick. He should get it tonight and I know he will laugh his ass off at the thought of me even attempting to put on lipstick.

Now what to do with this brand new, once used and never to be used again tube of lipstick?

I did a lot of thinking and writing while I was there. Something I tend to do when I get away. So be prepared for an earful of blah blah's. If you are so inclined to read them at is. I hope you do as a lot of thought and passion has gone into them.

Diana, (a bit more relaxed, need more time out there)

Friday, February 19, 2010

I am going away

I am going away for my days off this week. I need to get out.

A good friend has given me the keys to his Log Cabin and I am outta here.

If the snow gets bad, I might not make it back.

Can you call that a culpable absense?

Just how does one control Mother Nature?

Be sure to let you know, if I figure that one out!

Dogs in tow, wish I had a new man to bring along.

It's a beautiful Cabin, with a two storey stone fireplace, round couch, a King Sized Four Poster Bed and one hell of a Jacuzzi!

Now all I need is the Masseuse.

Now me is, Happy Me :D