Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yippee, the bead I made to copy our little friend Ullja has sold and the proceeds of the sale have been donated to the legal fund to stop her insanity. She herself tried to buy it...LOL I guess she wanted to help fight herself or herselves. I am beginning the think she has multiple personalities and really does believe all the lies she sprews.

I am just glad that I could offer up something and I am thankful for the buyer that is helping with this issue. I feel better now. I was starting to think no one wanted to touch it out of fear of that spiteful Ullja.

Again thank you to the buyer and to the people who are going to town on her...

YOU GO GET HER!! Take her fake ass to court and put that silly bitch in her place.

To Ullja. I have no idea why you are doing this and guite frankly I don't care nor does it matter to me or anyone, why.
You my Dear have accomplished nothing to hurt those you have targeted, as a matter of fact their sales and popularity have increased since you started this whole debacle. So if your thoughts were to ruin them, you have actually achieved the opposite.
The ONLY reputation that has been ruined and run into the ground is your OWN. You will never be trusted again, you will never be able to use your name in association with anything you make, sell, bake or shit out.

The ONLY person to blame for this self destruction is YOU. You are to blame. YOU did this to yourself. No one, not one person is responsible for your business demise except YOU. Until you accept responsiblity for your actions, you will never be at ease. Pointing fingers is so yesterday and childish. This did not have to get this far out of hand and there was a simple solution, but you still refused to admit to your own lies and the FRAUD that YOU committed.

Karma is a Bitch and I think someone just learned that lesson. No not me, not anyone you have targeted, YOU, YOU ULLJA, this IS Karma.

Now for all those wondering what bead. Here it is in all its Glory.

Ain't it so cute and ornate? Made in Canada of all things!

Anyway thanks again to the buyer and my thoughts and energy go out to those affected by her slop.



Read and click it and click it over and over to bring it up on the google searches. This can be YOUR way of showing support for the artists she is slandering and libeling and attemtping to defame.

Later peeps.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


LOL, yep I am back making beads. Now that I have the time. Well, sort of. I am working full time but my hours are better, giving me all day to make beads. I have some new inspiration and new ideas. I have found that being away from the torch has effected my control of heat, but I am getting better everyday.

Here is a new Theme I am working on. Still in progress, but I like it.

Wiccan Goddess. Front and Back

I am having fun again and have a renewed love of the flame. Sometimes I think we need to step away from things and not get involved in the drama that sometimes pops up now and then.

I am going to ty my hardest to keep positive and not let silly assed things get to me. It is so not worth the sapping of creative energy.

Anyway off to make some more beads.

Have a good night everyone!



Saturday, August 1, 2009

The return of Ullja

There once was a woman named Ullja. She thought she would buy some handmade artisan beads. Very pretty she thought to herself, but what O what will I do with them. So little Ullja decided to take these O so pretty beads and list them on Etsy and re-sell them. Not only did she list them but she also claimed her own greedy insane hands made them. Well little, dumb, not gifted with insight Ullja, was caught and confronted by many of the makers of those beads. Little Ullja was given the BOOT off Etsy, DaWanda, IndiePublic and many other places. She then faded into the nothingness or so we thought.

She has now proven that once a criminal always a criminal and that without the aid of meds, people like her are incapable of taking a hard lesson learned and NOT repeating it.

She put her own foot in her mouth over on a place called Artfire. She posted some dates regarding her own business and licensing and she got called out on those dates. I must admit, yours truly called her out and put the dates in order to show that SHE herself was selling on Etsy all the while not having the proper license to do so as she HERSELF told us that her license EXPIRED in 2007 but she was selling well into 2008. Dumbass!!!!

She also tried to convince people she was in Italy leaning glass from the MASTERS for the past three years, but O wait, she was still selling her baked goods on ETSY well into 2008 from Woodway TEXAS!!!! Again Dumbass!!!.

So when questioned, she goes loony, batshit, nuts and starts attacking people verbally and calling all the artists she previously VIOLATED liars and jealous. Okay THAT is laughable. So she is then banned from Artfire. They had the smarts to realize they were dealing with a possible big Liability and didn’t want the trouble. Smart people, great business! Etsy and Paypal however are another story and the saga continues with them as they have not yet banned her from using their services. Therefore allowing her to continue to buy products from artists for the SOLE purpose to get their information. Some artists are aware of her, but many others aren’t and she is praying on people left right and center over there. She is making Etsy and Paypal look like idiots and they seem to be condoning her using them as a HUNTING ground!

She then continues her screwed up campaign to TRY to ruin those that spoke out an even many who have said nothing about her by fraudulently buying a piece from their shop, then reporting them to the TaxMan and anyone that would listen to her verbal diarrhea. Not only does she do this but somewhere in that Fried Egg of a Brain she decides to PUBLISH her Libel and Slander on the internet via a BLOG right here at Blogger.

It has already been proven by many that this blog of crap is hers even though her name is not on it, they have set the trap and she fell for it.

I decided to post this to let everyone know to watch out for her. She may buy a piece from you and if the buyer comes up as being in Woodway Texas with a name like Beads4U or with an email address on the Paypal transaction as beadsnsupplies, cancel the transaction and contact Etsy and Paypal right away to report her. Also don’t support someone like this EVER. Do not buy anything she sells, do not feed her by clicking on her dirty blog and please for the sake of your own reputation, until you get the whole story, don’t make any judgements about those that have spoken out. Even if you feel she is a good person because you met her once or twice, you have no idea what a person is really capable of.


If you are really curious then click here for her vile blog


BUT please please after you do that, click on the TRUTH at least three times more to bring the real truth to the top of the google search.


This bitch is gunna get her come upins real real soon!