Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Shelters...Bad Policy..Not Bad Dogs

Okay something I take great issue with. My neighbor adopted a beautiful Australian Shepherd from a well known shelter. Young dog, only about 2 years old. Shelter told him the family could no longer afford the dog. Well that was a month ago. The dog has settled in. When I first met the dog it seemed okay. Stiffened up a few times but nothing out of the ordinary for a dog in a strange place. Well now the dog has bitten the owner and the owner now wants the dog dead. Don't blame him, the bite is BAD. 12 stitches on his hand.

BUT this is NOT the first time this dog has done this, no way no how. I just went and did a short evaluation and this is a dog that has had aggression issues for some time. I am sure the family that surrendered this dog, did so because they could not afford the proper training required and because of the aggression, they (the shelter) simply chose to leave that part out and lie by ommission. The shelter had this dog for some time as well and there is no way this dog did NOT show this aggression while in their custody.

The Shelters need to be HONEST and forthcoming when it comes to dogs of this nature. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT adopt these dogs out to anyone unless they have the proper experience and education. This Shelter has just added to the problem and even though this shelter is trying to say they are part of the solution, this is NOT the first time I have been called about dogs from this shelter. I have contacted them on many occassions as well and told them their policy needs changing.

Aggression, ANY type of aggressioin needs to be disclosed to the potential adoptee. Whether it is dog on dog, dog on cat, dog on human, or dog on guarding things or dog being frightened at loud noises. Snarling, lifting of the lips, stiffening up, charging or/and snapping. If this continues and I get one more call, I will be calling the proper authorities and will have their license suspended or taken away.

If the Shelter is willing to rehabilatate, thats great too, but it seems they just want to pump out dogs and be done with them. They even refused to take this dog back. Now what does THAT say about them.

I have calmed the owner down, he has agreed to let me help and NOT sue the Shelter just yet. They would loose with my testimony of repeated offenses I can assure them of that. I will be calling them today and after explaining, I think I will be getting that eerie silence on the other end of the line, once again......god I hate that.

So, executing plan, have bought muzzle, now for the hard part.

Diana (biting mad)

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