Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just realized that I don't tolerate drunks

I have come to the conclusion that I do not tolerate drunks well. I have zero patience for them, loathe being around them and find them very irritating.

I had one on my Bus tonight and as soon as I realized he was there, I just wanted him OFF. He wandered in thinking I was a Jane Bus but I am not driving that route. I am on a route that shares Jane Station.

Stumbling, stinking whiskey barrels is all they are. I hate it when people call it Alcohol Disease. It is an addiction not a disease. It is a CHOICE unlike a true disease.

I think this whole intolerance of mine came shortly after my Grandmother was hit by a drunken Irish Nanny, in broad daylight, on St. Patricks Day while crossing the street near her home. This bitch nanny ran a red and never saw my Grandmother. My Grandma was never the same after that and went down hill fast, then died way too soon.

Police said this nanny was so drunk, they where amazed she even managed to get the key in the ignition.

Now I don't mind people who have a drink or two, but getting falling down, STUPID drunk is a waste of good breathing air.

My job requires a bit of tolerance for this, so I have to find a way to deal with it better. I think I did okay tonight, but man if I didn't have to touch him, I wanted to physically throw him off the bus while still in motion.....that's not good!

Diana (seeking tolerance)

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