Monday, February 22, 2010

Well I am back and I gotta say...I LOVE gay guys.

I was going to stay until Tuesday Morning, but I heard on the Radio of a storm so I did the responsible thing and came home today. How boring of me eh?

I pulled up to the Cabin around 5:30 am Sunday Morning into the driveway and the lights of my vehicle where shining on the frozen Lake. Lo and Behold a small pack of Wolves is moving silently across it about 50 yards from the Cabin.

I sucked in my breath and held it. I watched for a few, then scrambled to grab my camera and "shit" I was so hurried to grab the dogs and get out, I left it on the diningroom table.

I wake up the pups, out we go. As I am opening the door I notice a large package sitting on the table of the entrance way. Wrapped up in a big red bow.

Tag Reads.

We Just Simply Love You.

I open it and its a full box of 50 Orchids and the perfume just fills the air.


Why can't straight guys be this thoughtful? Is it that hard for guys to get in touch with their sensitive side?

Anyway, I sent him back a Bottle of Wine and a Big Thank You Card, including a lipstick kiss and I don't even wear lipstick. He should get it tonight and I know he will laugh his ass off at the thought of me even attempting to put on lipstick.

Now what to do with this brand new, once used and never to be used again tube of lipstick?

I did a lot of thinking and writing while I was there. Something I tend to do when I get away. So be prepared for an earful of blah blah's. If you are so inclined to read them at is. I hope you do as a lot of thought and passion has gone into them.

Diana, (a bit more relaxed, need more time out there)

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